Engineering Services

RZ Design Associates, Inc. (RZDA) is a multidiscipline engineering consulting group serving a wide range of industries. RZDA’s engineering talents are some of the best and most respected in the industry. Our team strives to further understand the needs of our clients, and in turn we are able to use our understanding as a tool in delivering a better final product. The engineers use this understanding to create innovative solutions when answers are hard to come by. RZDA is dedicated to providing clients solutions that meet their requirements, budget and schedule.

The RZDA team approach to MEP systems is based on several factors. We initiate each project with meetings to review our client’s goals, expectations and budget. Then we visit the project site to evaluate the current systems, identify components that can be reused and suggest improvements and modifications. Frequently, we are able to recommend cost-effective alternative solutions our clients may not have recognized. After we determine the full scope of the project, we develop different strategies along with the associated costs for each solution.