RZ Design Associates, Inc., Now Provides The Use Of Drones To Assist In Engineering Design

RZ Design Associates is pleased to announce that we have added new technology to our engineering design firm.  Joe Martin, a Structural Designer, has become certified with the Federal Aviation Administration as a Remote Pilot.  Joe’s certification can now assist us, and our clients in various ways.  Drones, more accurately referred to in a business context as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), present significant opportunities for achieving increased quality, reduced costs, improved decision-making, and mitigating safety risks.  UAVs can assist project managers by providing real-time pictures of the entire project.  They provide accurate and comprehensive data, facilitate bidding and pre-planning, assess planning & design, and provide on-demand operational planning.  Moreover, UVAs can catch mistakes before they cause catastrophes!  RZ Design is looking forward to introducing this service to our clients as one more feature that enhances our engineering design!