Windham High School will undergo a major renovation this year. Led by Robert Ricard, P.E., RZ Design teamed up with Friar Architecture Inc. to provide the MEP and Fire Protection engineering and design covering all the major areas of the 221,428 SF building including the auditorium, boiler room, kitchen, cafeteria and temporary classrooms as well as a 7,268 SF addition.

Energy conservation is at the forefront of the electrical and lighting planning and designing with systems being designed in accordance with Connecticut’s High Performance Building Regulations and the new energy code program.

High efficiency LED lighting has been designed for all areas of the building including the interior, walkways, parking lots and football field lighting. The lighting systems in the regularly occupied rooms will be controlled by occupancy/vacancy sensors, but will have override switches for local control. This design will help to achieve greater energy efficiency by reducing power consumption to half of what is permitted by the IECC.

On the HVAC side, all early childhood and Pre-K classrooms will have hydronic radiant heating floors. This form of heating is more efficient than baseboard and forced-air heating methods since it eliminates duct losses and the distribution of allergens.